Hooters (yes, that Hooters) just announced that the Gulfport (MS) Hooters was the top restaurant in the 430-location chain’s annual fundraising campaign on behalf of breast cancer research. The campaign overall raised about $135,000 from customers, to which corporate Hooters added another gift of $500,000.

Not a bad day for breast cancer research. Kinda gives new meaning to “pass the cup.”

Seriously, though, what do you think of this?

Here’s a company that exploits women’s breasts using some of the proceeds to address the obviously worthy cause of breast cancer research.

Should we frown upon the whole matter because we object to the core premise of the business? Or should we accept human nature as it is and treat this as a legitmate expression of concern, or an acceptable “payback” if you prefer, by a company that could just as easily pocket 100% of its profits and make no effort, as modest as it might be, to engage its patrons on a serious issue?

Is there an inviolable principle that should govern here? Or is it a relative situation, where the potential good should be weighed against the perceived harm?

Do you feel any differently about a civil liberties, women’s rights or gay rights group receiving a grant from the Playboy Foundation?

What do you say?

Here’s the news article, but the newspaper’s web posting is time limited and might not still link when you read this.

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