Nicole Wallace in this week’s edition of The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that online gifts to 162 organizations increased by a whopping 148.1% over 2004’s level. That’s $908.4 million in 2005 compared to $366.1 the year before.

This year’s Chronicle survey, the paper’s 7th, reveals that the increase is not all due to the southeast Asia tsunamis and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Among the 127 organizations surveyed that did not raise money for either emergency the median increase in online giving was 50.5 percent!

As is always the case, some non-profits seem to be infinitely capable of ignoring the obvious. “E-mail is a good way to annoy people”, says one major medical center development officer in the Chronicle story.

For a fascinating overview of how much charities have raised online in the past five years go to the tables in this week’s edition of The Chronicle.

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