Welcome Charter Agitator subscribers.

First of all, we thank you sincerely for subscribing to The Agitator over the past year. Hopefully it’s been a rewarding experience for you – informative, provocative, and occasionally entertaining.

But no good deed goes unpunished!

And so we must subject you – due to circumstances beyond our control – to a cumbersome process to renew your Agitator subscription. Ah, the miseries of an ‘off-the-shelf’ paywall system!

Here’s the renewal process

1. The most important point is that you CANNOT renew until your current subscription has actually expired. The very next day is fine! But not a day sooner.

[That’s a limitation built into the paywall system – obviously not built by programmers who know anything about membership, donor or subscription renewal marketing.]

2. Nevertheless, shortly before your Agitator subscription is set to expire, you will receive a RENEWAL ALERT email from our Director of Readers Services (pictured). That’s just to stir your warm feeling … “My, haven’t I been enjoying The Agitator over the past year!”

[BTW, You can always check the expiry date and other details about your subscription at http://dashboard.tinypass.com]

3. Then, when your expiration date has indeed passed, you’ll get just three (3) free views before your subscription lapses. Then you will automatically hear again from our frazzled Director of Reader Services when you attempt to read your next Agitator posts. He’ll remind you to renew your subscription.

In fact, if that’s why you’re here, go right the RENEW button at bottom to easily renew … now’s the time!

How much to renew?

We think The Agitator is worth $50 a year. But, we leave that decision to you. Pay more – or less – but please do your part.

Pay $50 per year. We think the quality and content of The Agitator is worth at least $50 a year, so we’re suggesting that as an average amount.

Pay $25 per year. We know you value the quality, edge and insights of The Agitator, but your refrigerator just broke, your dog needs an operation, or some other unexpected calamity has popped up. Fine. If you can pay this you’ll get the same great, complete Agitator.

Pay $100 or Even More per year. We really do need a few heavy hitters to make this work. As in agencies, large organizations and readers who’ve recently won the lottery. We know who you are! Bless you!

Thanks again for your support of The Agitator.