Here's a report fresh from New Zealand.

We all know that when you lift the lace curtain of legacy fundraising, you're looking at, well … dying.

But here's a legacy gift that will never die. Or is it always dying? We're not sure.

Funeral Director Gregory Brownless has gifted his funeral business, hereafter to be named Legacy Funerals, to his local community. All profits from the funeral business will be distributed to the community annually through a local foundation. Mr. Brownless, who was moved to make this gift by his experience volunteering in Thailand after the Boxing Day tsunami, will take no further salary or benefit from the business.

Talk about making legacy giving easy! To give back to your community in Tauranga NZ, all you need to do is die and get buried (or, we presume, cremated). Of course a gift in your will would be nice touch too.

As the Kiwis say, good onya Mr. Brownless.

Actually this gives us an opportunity to shamelessly plug once again a lively white paper on legacy giving that Roger and his colleagues have prepared, called The Legacy Group Contrarian Approach.

We have too few planned giving pros reading The Agitator, so the rest of you … pass this important paper along to the person carrying that responsibility in your nonprofit!


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