Reaching his 60th birthday, President Bush reminds us that the leading edge of the Boomer generation (born 1946-1964) is now crossing the 60 year milestone.

Pew Research Center has marked the occasion with an important study on the financial attitudes and situation of Boomers as they begin to reckon with retirement.

From a fundraising standpoint, perhaps the key takeaway is that Boomers are carrying inter-generational financial burdens that might impinge on their willingness to give. That is, many Boomers are financially supporting their own children (no news here), but also one or both of their own parents (who are living longer). One might hypothesize that these obligations might make Boomers more cautious about giving.

Our own DonorTrends study comparing Boomer giving attitudes and behavior with younger and older generations, Boomers! Navigating the Generational Divide in Fundraising & Advocacy, found that Boomers are now contributing more than their elders, and 33% indicate they plan to donate even more in the future.

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