Look at these latest figures on internet activities from the Pew Internet Poject.

Search is the fastest growing online "app" … and the second most common activity (49% do it; after only email, 60% do it) in a typical web user’s day. Rounding out the top three activities is checking the news, at 39%.

Search is most used by college-educated (66% use in a typical day) and higher income netizens (62% of $75K+ income users), those with broadband at home (58%), and those under 50 years old (55%).

If you don’t think this is the profile of your organization’s typical online donor, send The Agitator a self-addressed envelope with a stamp on it, and we’ll send you some index cards to use the next time you go to the library.

Your nonprofit needs to be findable online. That means someone on your team needs to master search engine optimization. Start here.



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