We’ve all heard the astounding stats about the Obama online fundraising machine … two million donors, giving regularly. A fundraiser’s dream.

But what is there about the Obama campaign’s online approach that makes it so effective?

Most would say that good marketing is of course abetted in the first instance by a good product. But what about marketing strategy and tactics?

Here, from interactive marketer Bryan Eisenberg is a decent crack at analyzing Obama’s online success from a commercial marketing perspective. Some of the attributes he notes:

  • Focusing on building relationships and encouraging participation and engagement … knowing that contributions will follow.
  • Mastering social media … meaning, having a sophisticated understanding of how different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr work and how their user communities use them, then developing campaign applications that are relevant to the gestalt of each platform.
  • Paying attention to the technical details … Eisenberg cites the simplicity of the various sign-up forms as an example.
  • Enforcing brand consistency in look, style and tone.

Good observations … and all relevant to nonprofit online fundraising.



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