A couple of days ago we reported on some intriguing testing of online videos by Marketing Experiments. Their test videos, reaching over 700,000 views over three months, re-confirmed the viral power of entertaining videos on sites like YouTube and Google Video.

But who's actually watching these videos? And is it an audience that's relevant to nonprofit fundraisers and cause advocates.

This Forbes piece answers at least the first question with its very title: Old People Like Web Video!

Forbes cites research from several prominent online researchers indicating that netizens ages 35 to 64 make up anywhere from 48% to 65% of You Tube's audience. Boomers (ages 42 to 60) represent the heart of this age cohort of course.

Other data in the article indicates that viewers are quite responsive to what they see in online videos: 31% said they checked out a sponsoring company's website, 14% went to a store to check out the product, and another 14% requested more information.

If direct marketing provides any significant portion of your nonprofit's income and you're NOT plotting your online video testing yet, just turn off your computer now … you oughta be fired!

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