Don’t like the political candidates?

Here’s one more reason …

They’re flooding your donors’ e-mailboxes. [As are all the online merchants who have already begun their Christmas pushes.]

Here’s a good analysis from on what the candidates are doing in terms of online fundraising.

The report cites online email consulting firm Silverpop as saying email open rates have declined from about 25% in 2004 to 20% now. So email is 20% less effective, just on the basis of lower open rates.

Says Silverpop’s Loren McDonald:

“If everyone sends two to three times more email, it reduces the conversion rate for everyone in the channel because the inbox becomes overwhelmed … It’s hard to tell candidates to send less email when, every time they send one, it works. You can sit across from the campaign manager and tell them if they continue to send more email, they’ll send people away and hurt their campaigns. They’re not going to believe it because they haven’t seen enough of an impact yet. They will, though.”

And so will you!

How does your open rate compare to 20% these days?


P.S. And just as the campaign season ends, commercial e-marketers will hit full stride!


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