We don't know about you, but we've already begun to get a blizzard of e-mail fundraising appeals as the year ends. Some of them aren't particularly well-conceived or executed. Some are.

You might be well into planning your year-end e-marketing campaigns, but it's never too late to consider some of the experience that's out there. Here are some items and resources you might find valuable.

From DM News, their Guide to Email Marketing. A useful collection of articles covering topics like list building, using your datebase to tailor offers, testing, optimal subject lines, using images, deliverability, effective landing pages, etc. Most based on commercial e-marketing; but all instructive.

If you want to know who's giving online, how they differ from direct mail donors, and implications for online fundraising strategy, consult our DonorTrends white paper: Keep Your Postage Meter: The Status of Online Giving in America.

From The Agitator library, some pertinent posts on e-marketing:

Think you have a spectacular year-end online appeal? Send it to The Agitator. We'd like to share a “best of” early next year.

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