Here, from, are yet more stats on the growing popularity of online video with consumers. This is a very comprehensive look at consumer behavior with respect to online video, and well worth a read.

Huge takeaways for us:

  • More than twice as many consumers ages 35 and older (a whopping 69%) view online video than those under 35 (31%).
  • What are the old fogies watching? News clips (69%), followed by movie trailers (35%), then music videos (27%). So, “serious stuff” dominates.
  • And, for those of you who dream of the viral marketing homerun, 39% of the fogies have forwarded a video clip to a friend.

Another “must read” is this online video “primer” prepared by Ryann Miller, a fundraising consultant at HJC New Media. Her primer answers the question “Why Video?”, offers best practice advice, and tells you how/where to place your online videos once you have them. Lots of links to good examples and resources.

Thanks for putting this together, Ryann … you deserve a raise!

Roger & Tom

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