YES! Emphatically, argues Convio’s Founder Vinay Bhagat in this timely article, Strengthening Your Online Presence: Now Is the Time.

Now of course we wouldn’t be expecting Vinay to be championing direct mail or telemarketing! Nonetheless, he makes a well-articulated case for nonprofits to move aggressively to expand and refine their online fundraising and engagement efforts.

I would stress the "engagement" part, because a key aspect of his case is the well-documented decline in new donors … a decline that might be arrested by adroit use of online tactics, first, to attract and engage individuals who might be interested in your cause or mission and, subsequently, to convert them to donors. And because the new online donors are generally younger individuals, it’s a double payoff.

If you want a nice, tight case for online investment to pass along to your nonprofit’s executives and budgeteers, this is a pretty good one.


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