Anyone in the marketing biz, and that certainly includes fundraisers, needs to be mindful of the evolving media environment in which consumers seek and use information.

BI Intelligence offers this excellent and very comprehensive slide presentation on the state of the internet, including its relationship to other media. What will probably be of most interest to Agitator readers are the content and usage slides, although if the media biz itself fascinates you, there’s plenty of intriguing info here.

Perhaps most relevant to fundraisers is the exploding use of mobile.

Mobile now accounts for 12% of global internet traffic and is scaling much faster than desktop access. Smartphone sales have overtaken computer sales and will now rocket ahead. In G-20 countries collectively, there are about five times more mobile broadband connections than fixed connections.

PayPal’s mobile payments are shooting up … now about $4 billion. Is your nonprofit mobile-friendly?

It doesn’t take long to scan through this deck, but I’ll bet ore than one slide will slow you down and get you thinking.


P.S. Thanks to Mogul’s Matt Miller for the pointer.

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