Since the election, I've received email thank-you's from a number of advocacy groups — MoveOn, League of Conservation Voters, and Environmental Defense among them — expressing gratitude for all I helped accomplish as an activist during the campaigns.

You're welcome. Now I hate to be an ingrate, but I have to admit I did nothing to deserve these thanks.

MoveOn credited me with helping mobilize a huge GOTV phone effort, and invited me to a party to celebrate. Surely their database has recorded that I didn't participate, as much as I admire their efforts.

Here's their message. Click on image to get readable version.

Other than missing the chance to indicate they actually “knew” me, MoveOn's communication was marvelous. It reported a terrifically impressive GOTV and fundraising performance, with hard (read: real) numbers. It related a wonderful story where a contacted voter, a single Mom, credited her MoveOn caller with in fact stimulating her to vote. And it called for joining a weekend celebration party in my area, perfectly in keeping with the Gestalt of their pre-election group phone banking efforts.

Finally, there was a link, not hyped, to a donate page. Here they failed to really capture the opportunity. Instead of an appeal that played directly off their exciting email communication and told me — as I thrilled with victory — how my next dollars would be used, they bounced me to a dull, lifeless generic “Donate” page.

So I give MoveOn an initial “A+” for message … and especially for “thinking” about a message that was entirely consistent with their brand and delivered some emotion. But I need to knock the final grade back to a “B” for failing to capitalize on the personalization and fundraising opportunity.

Read below for LCV and Environmental Defense “grades.”

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