Guest Agitator Nick Allen of Donordigital shares some online research generated with Amnesty International.

The project tried to isolate variables that significantly improved the fundraising conversion effectiveness of website "donate" pages.

Here’s Nick’s summary of key findings:

  • Bigger donate buttons helped convert more donors;
  • Vividly colored donation buttons had varying levels of impact on donation page conversion;
  • Removing unnecessary fields from personal information forms significantly increased conversion;
  • Polite header copy yielded better conversion than a more forceful call-to-action.

And here is the full research report.

Our takeaway … we’ve barely in the infancy of isolating the technique and tactical variables that might positively influence online fundraising results on a consistent basis. As Nick’s full report describes, even the same technique — e.g., using bright red "Submit" buttons — produced opposite results in different configurations of the tested pages.

Our advice … read all the online testing data you can get your hands on.

Then design your own tests, starting with attempting to validate in your unique context the most consistent results reported elsewhere. Move from there to testing variables that might be more uniquely relevant for your situation. Always be very clear about the marketing hypothesis you are testing.

And test, test, test!


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