Here are three excellent examples of melding content/message, style and medium to reach a very specific audience.

Our first audience is a big one — the 50 million people in the US with some form of physical or mental disability. Targeting them is, a website combining the social-networking features of sites like Facebook with information specially tailored to the constituency … not just medical news, but everyday lifestyle advice on careers, dating, and travel. As reported in the NY Times, it's already attracted advertisers like Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Avis and Netflix, and has established co-promotional ties with the American Association of People With Disabilities.

Meantime, as reported by Online Media Daily (might need to sign-in), The Humane Society of the US has launched an interactive campaign on (must “join” to explore) aiming to take the fight against animal cruelty to the 20-to-30-year-old market. A real-life issue enters the virtual world. You can purchase HSUS merchandise for your avatar, or the real you!

Lastly, from the commercial world, here is new about-to-become classic. Axe body spray aims squarely at hormone-driven young men with “you too can attract women” commercials on MTV and Comedy Central to drive deodorant sales. To add to the buzz via online viral marketing, they've posted a faux “news report” on their Naughty to Nice Program for Wayward Girls on YouTube. Think what you might, these folks know their audience. Here's the video with some background from MarketingProfs.

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