In The Agitator’s latest DonorTrends survey (completed last month), 62% of Boomers said they had never donated online to a charity, 78% had never donated online to an issue advocacy organization, and 86% had not given online to a political campaign. Still a lot of fields to plow here! [And much more data to come from DonorTrends.]

And keep in mind that our respondents took the survey online … so they are not folks adverse to the medium (indeed, 95% report going online daily).

This article offers some advice on marketing to Boomers online from Hollis Thomases of, an online marketing company. It’s not focused on fundraising, but still has some useful insights on the online likes and dislikes of Boomers.

My favorite comment (being a Boomer): "Frankly, what I like about advertising to Boomers is they have an attention span greater than 10 seconds. You can actually say something meaningful and appeal to a Boomer." Wow! Is that pickin’ a fight or what?!



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