Back in February I reported in The Agitator this sequence of events …

I received an e-mail from Gene Karpinski at the League of Conservation Voters (on whose e-list I'm happy to park) “sharing” with me “an important message” from his friend Rodger Schlickeisen of the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund regarding the urgent need to protect polar bears.

When I clicked on Rodger's imbedded message, I was whisked to the Defenders site, where the typical e-mail action alert awaited me. The form included a pre-checked box authorizing Defenders to send me future messages (meaning I had to notice it and opt out to escape the clutches of Defenders). Though the Defenders navigation bar included a “Support Us” link, they wisely didn't try to push me to contribute, being content on the first pass to capture my e-mail address as a kindred spirit.

And I asked these questions, among others:

1. Did I actually give permission to LCV effectively to give Defenders a shot at me? Probably, in the loose sense that somewhere, sometime I must have invited LCV to e-mail me on issues they deem pertinent. [What if Gene's buddy Ellen Malcolm over at Emily's List, straying a bit beyond the environment, asked Gene to send me a “cover note” on her PAC's behalf?]

2. Will I hear from Defenders again, even though I deliberately opted-out of receiving future messages from them. Time will tell!

Well, now I'm receiving a steady stream of email messages from Defenders … four since November! It seems that as year-end approaches, they just can't resist contacting me!

I'm not sure what I think about this. Smells a bit like bait & switch.

  • Should I be miffed that LCV “gave up” my name in the original deal?
  • Should I be angry that Defenders hasn't honored my direct opt-out from future contacts?
  • Should I just get over it? After all, I've authorized many, many direct mail list exchanges in my checkered past.
  • Should all of us just get over it … put aside the “cover note” facades like the one LCV and Defenders used and just get on with out-and-out email list exchanges?

What's your opinion? Let us know in this very quick three-question survey.

Curious to know.


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