Awhile back we urged nonprofit fundraisers and communicators to pay attention and learn from the online strategies of the presidential candidates.

According to an estimate cited in the Wall Street Journal, political spending on online ads and website development for the 2008 cycle might reach $80 million, up from $29 million in the 2004 cycle … that's a lot of spaghetti being thrown against the wall!

Now there's a single site, techPresident, orchestrated by Micah Sifry of Personal Democracy that makes this homework assignment simple for you. At techPresident you'll find daily facts and commentary on how the online campaigns are unfolding, what tools and tactics they're using, whose doing it well or poorly … the good, the bad and the ugly.

We're daily readers. And as much as we don't want to distract you from The Agitator, we feel obliged to urge you to monitor techPresident on a regular basis!

Roger & Tom

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