Here's another one of those “blue plate specials” from Marketing Sherpa!

This time it's an excellent report on what's working and what's not with respect to online video ads. Available for free only through NOV 1.

Why does Marketing Sherpa expect a boom in online video ads?

1. Visual ad formats attract more consumer attention than static ones.

2. Consumers are lazy … they'd rather watch a 5-minute video than read through several web pages.

3. Ubiquity & familiarity breeds use … major sites like Google and Yahoo are about to deliver locally targetable video ads, which means video advertising will explode in scale. You'll soon see online video ads everywhere you turn.

Some tips from the report …

  • Don't imitate TV (or use existing TV spots) … viewers want a different experience online.
  • Test video and static display ad combos for maximum impact.
  • Experiment with various ad formats … the technology permits all sorts of presentations in and around, or incorporating, other content.
  • Think short … as in 5-10 seconds for the ad itself (not counting the content it's attached to or imbedded in).

But check it out by Nov 1!

Roger & Tom

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