MySpace, with 120 million users, has teamed up with PayPal to introduce a fundraising widget for individual and nonprofit members to use on their MySpace sites.They seem to be promoting it to celebrities to create some buzz.Here’s an example of the widget singer Hilary Duff is using to raise funds for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. Her MySpace widget has raised $8,885 as I write.Nothing released yet as to how much money overall is actually being raised via the MySpace platform.But with the sheer user scale of MySpace, Facebook and others, the use of personal fundraising widgets will certainly proliferate. Our own DonorTrends survey indicates that while fully 58% of “Newbies” (those born after 1964) have personal web pages, only 3% so far use personal fundraising “badges” or widgets on their sites.To the degree these tools are adopted by younger folks, apart from any immediate $$ results, they are helping to “train” a new generation of donors. That’s terrific in itself.Tom

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