Last week we reported on the impact of video watched online … it gets people to do things!

The data on online video use we cited was a year-old, ancient in the web timescale, so here's some new data from ComScore, from March 2007:

  • 71% of US internet users, or 126 million folks, streamed 7 BILLION videos that month (3 of 10 streamed from YouTube);
  • The average streamer watched 55 videos per month, for a total of 145 minutes.

A huge and engaged audience.

What's this got to do with passion in politics?

Politicians and campaigns seem to draw the most impassioned use of online video. Professionals looking to make a name, clandestine agents of campaigns, concerned rank amateurs … all are aggressively pursuing the online video audience. Micah Sifry has an excellent post on this phenom — and the important issues it raises — over at TechPresident, complete with convenient clickable samples.

Once again, we urge nonprofit marketers to monitor online communications and fundraising developments in the political campaign space, where competition is fierce. There's much to learn, even though not everything will apply directly … some of it might be more valuable in terms of what to avoid … some of it might not suit your taste.

Indeed, one of the hottest (in more ways than one) videos making the online circuit these days features a Monica Lewinsky wannabe, Obamagirl. Not exactly a stellar example of the internet and “social networks” lifting the level of political discourse in America … though some of the lyrics are clever if you focus on them.

What's your verdict? Is there any redeeming social value from Obamagirl?

Roger & Tom

P.S. Perhaps more helpful examples of nonprofits and consultants using online video are here at the League of Conservation Voters (a contest for global warming videos), or here from Planned Legacy (promoting an “electronic legacy memorial” product).

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