Sorry, but I’m on a social networking roll this week.

Some interesting articles and sites to ponder as you chart a course for your nonprofit …

Is there a future in setting up your own proprietary social network … indeed, will the prospects of Facebook and MySpace fade as folks head to more niche sites as they follow their main passions, hobbies, causes, localities? Read what blogger Catharine Taylor, a digital media and advertising veteran, has to say.

While you’re at it, check out the Social Media Insider blog. It’s aimed at commercial players, but still lots of relevance.

If you’re a subscriber, Ad Age offers nine profiles of consumers using social media and where they are.

Here’s a white paper from RepNation Media and mr.youth (an agency) on Consumer 2.0: Five Rules to Engaging a New Breed of Consumer. Though not specifically on social media, this paper offers insights as to why social sites and networks will be so powerful at influencing consumers (donors) in the future.

  • My favorite rule: Niche is the new norm.
  • My favorite factoid: 14-24 year olds have on average 53 people they consider to be online friends, and all are considered real friends despite not having met many in person … a decade ago, that number would have been 5-10 and they would all be face-to-face. Think about that in terms of grassroots fundraising or cause proselytizing.
  • My favorite observation: "As consumers increasingly gravitate to more efficient means of communication, they will expect the same from those trying to communicate with them." Case in point … my 14-year-old daughter refuses to accept calls from her parents on her cell phone … it’s text or forget it!

Speaking of teens … It’s been around 8-9 months now, have you looked at Think MTV, the music channel’s social activism and community site? You might want to, if your concerns include discrimination, environment, politics, substance abuse, faith, health, education, human rights, relationships & sex, war & peace, poverty or crime. Whew!

Time to take my Geritol!







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