We periodically remind our nonprofit org readers to monitor and learn from the communications practices of the presidential campaigns.

So here's plenty to stretch your mind on a Monday morning.

Not everything these guys do is brilliant, but the campaigns are a hotbed of experimentation with new media approaches.

For example, here's a good Washington Post description of the text messaging exploits of the campaigns … Obama and Edwards are the ones to watch. Sign up yourself for a hands- (fingertips?) on peak at what's happening.

Here's a USA Today guide to the “best” political YouTube videos.

Here, courtesy of ClickZ News, is how campaigns are using search engine marketing to intercept hapless potential voters when they google. McCain's big on “campaign finance” and “stem cell research”; Edwards (a big, but not efficient, user) vies with Obama for “war in Iraq.”

Also as reported by ClickZ News, McCain is the frontrunner in terms of spending for conventional online display ads on sites like FoxNews.com, Yahoo, and conservative political sites, buying 8.7 million impressions in May. Lots of testing going on — sites, creative, messages.

And of course, there's online fundraising. Time reminds us not to forget Obama's 260,000 or so online donors … if they're worth Howard Dean's 2004 online donors — roughly $200 each — that's $52 MILLION predictable dollars in the bank! John Edwards should also have a steady supply of haircut money courtesy of his 100,000 online givers.

Get on the e-lists of some of these candidates. Become a guinea pig … it's for the cause!


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