We saw this press release from online marketing agency Kintera, and thought it worth passing along.

The University of Notre Dame uses Kintera technology to manage its alumni experience, including sophisticated social networking and engagement capabilities, as well as fundraising.

With about 120,000 graduates active in more than 300 alumni clubs, we imagine the challenge is rather complex.

So, while this isn't a product endorsement, we suspect Kintera's “Alumni Engagement Center” platform is worth a look. Even if just to expand your horizons as to what is possible tactically with a robust customer relationship management system customized to the purposes of alumni engagement and fundraising.

Increasingly, college grads are going to use social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to maintain their school, social and professional relationships. These sites are both robust and user-friendly.

Why hang around a stodgy alumni site when you can enjoy all the comraderie and bells & whistles of Facebook … without being dunned for a contribution?! Alumni groups will need to step up their online game big time if they expect their grads to hang around.

Kintera and Notre Dame are hosting webinars on July 17 and 20 if you'd like to learn more.

Roger & Tom

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