Here’s an article from DirectMarketingIQ extolling the virtues of involvement devices in direct mail appeals. Magnets are a classic.

First of all, yes, lots of testing confirms that this stuff generally lifts response (but that’s not an excuse to not test before you commit your own nonprofit to thousands of tchotchkes).

The article asserts that the tactile appeal of involvement devices gives an edge to direct mail over online appeals.

So the metaphysical Agitator question of the day is: Is touching a physical object a higher form of involvement than passing along an e-petition or video to a friend? And the bottom-line question is: Which is more likely to lift fundraising response?

Actually, while I’m in an inquisitive mood, I have two more questions. Does anyone out there have a collection of fundraising appeal magnets? Would someone care to nominate their “best ever” involvement device?


P.S. How many of you could have actually spelled tchotchke?! I tried four variations — none of them began with “t” — before I got close enough for Google to find it.

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