Or don’t ‘Like’ me.

Does it matter?

Here’s a small item recounting a BBC journalist’s success at setting up a fake company — VirtualBagel — and securing 3000 ‘Likes’.

Not the first such attempt to challenge the flimsy side of ‘social networks’ and certainly not the last.

So, when your online impresario rushes into your office and exclaims “We’re up to 23,659 Likes!”, your response should be to ask: “That’s great, so what?”

If seasoned, your impresario might be ready for this less than wildly enthusiastic response, and have a deft reply ready.

But all you need to do after that first reply is repeat again: “So what?”

If after a minimum of five “So whats” your impresario is still persisting, then begin to pay attention. He or she might actually have begun to think this social networking stuff through.


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