The capacity to target messages in the online space is astounding … probably even intimidating to nonprofit fundraisers and communicators.

But learn we must, in a communications context where consumers are tuning out everything that is not immediately relevant to them.

Here is an article from Kate Kaye at ClickZ Network describing how Emily’s List, for example, recently conducted a precision online campaign focused on the Democratic National Convention. Right down to pegging its fundraising messages to appearances in the convention by candidates the organization is backing. Now that’s targeting!

The article also describes the targeting strategy of BIO, a biotech trade group that focused on the convention to reach political and policy influentials. Not as ambitious as the Emily’s List approach, but still an effort to capitalize upon a unique event to reach a relevant audience.

This is the way nonprofit marketers need to be thinking in the age of micro-messaging, where relevance trumps all. Is there someone on your team who thinks this way?


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