I was browsing the latest update on online fundraising trends from Network for Good (via dashboard courtesy of the Chronicle of Philanthropy), which indicates a 21% increase in amount donated online in March 2017 over Mar 2016.

Online gifts were up 23.9% and the number of donors was up 22.4%.

Not surprisingly, December was the best month and New Year’s Eve was the best day, capturing $13.3 million (or nearly 5% of the total for period) from the 34,655 organisations processing their online gifts via Network for Good. The ‘loser’ day was August 13!

Impressive stats.

But got me wondering … is this growth a reflection of better fundraising practices, a confirmation that donors are switching their customary transactions to the online channel, or simply a windfall reflecting a ‘Trump Bump’?

If your nonprofit scored equally impressive online fundraising growth — up 21% in amount donated — Mar 2017 over March 2016, to what do you attribute that?

Can you identify what you did better, smarter? And what are your plans to build on that growth?

Or are you simply riding the wave?



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