Todd Cohen at Philanthropy Journal has made it easy for The Agitator to furnish a Monday mind stretch this week.

Last week he published an outstanding report on Nonprofit Technology. Lots of examples, from nonprofits large and small, of how new communications technologies are being used by organizations and — increasingly and often independently — by their supporters. Plus keen observations from some of Agitator's favorite minds … Katrin Verclas of Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), Mike Johnston of HJC New Media in Toronto, and Madeline Stanionis of Watershed.

Here's Todd's challenge:

“Nonprofits that simply plug new media into old ways of doing business may be bound for the scrap heap.

To survive and thrive, nonprofits must adapt to the engaged new-media world in which individuals with easy access to computers, mobile devices and wireless connectivity are transforming the way charitable dollars are raised and social causes are promoted.

The challenge for nonprofits is to wed tried-and-true principles of operating, fundraising and service-delivery with the emerging new-media culture that engages the collective power of individual voices, values and assets for the common good.”

Nothing we can add to that. Todd gets a raise for this excellent report.

Roger & Tom

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