I know, I know … what an impossibly broad question.

What I’m really fishing for is some great fundraising success stories … examples of where use of social media has yielded real, measurable dollars.

I’m moved to ask because of the question posed yesterday by Cindy Courtier’s Comment to my post on retention. She asked simply:

“As donor retention rates fall, I wondering if anyone has done any research correlating retention and presence on social media.

It seems that there should be a link between putting out lots of “here’s what’s happening” information and donor retention/involvement.

For example, do organizations like The Hunger Site, which posts almost daily, and sometimes several times a day, have a higher retention rate than those who never or rarely post?”

Any Agitator readers have a response to that question?

And what about lead generation?

Much of the social media enthusiasm I read about concerns attracting leads, likes, followers … not necessarily raising money.

So what’s the story on converting leads to funds? Any Agitator readers want to disclose their success?

I’m in the midst of a test of my own, where I made a free gift offer via Facebook. 2% of those exposed to the offer requested the freebie (an old-fashioned print magazine), sending along their email and postal addresses. They’ve now received their free mag … next I’ll see how many of those will pay for more! Stay tuned.

OK, that’s ‘commercial’. But at least I’m testing and measuring my use of social media against a dollars and cents outcome.

Are you?



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