Here’s a story from DM News that focuses on integrated fundraising campaigns using multiple reinforcing media. The story includes concrete examples provided by Debbi Barber at agency Grizzard. Her examples, which demonstrate the lift in response from integrated campaigns, are drawn from Grizzard’s work with thirty or so of the larger humane societies around the country and the Salvation Army.

Some of you might feel uneasy when we pass along material like this. Does it strike you that we are "plugging" Grizzard? Let us know if that’s your reaction. We’d like to know.

Because our current approach is as follows … If your agency or nonprofit wants to talk about real campaigns with actual results, we’re happy to oblige, if there’s some basic principle illustrated or some broad lesson to be learned.

In this case, hopefully, there are dozens of agencies and hundreds of nonprofits out there that have carried out integrated fundraising campaigns … successful or otherwise. Grizzard happens to have talked about their experience "on the record" … most don’t.

The fact is, here at The Agitator we like it when practitioners are willing to share actual results. We believe we can all learn from these examples.


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