Slaggards that we are, we've only now discovered some impressive stats on consumer use of and response to online video, including online advertising, released by the Online Publishers Association.

Although the figures relate to commercial use of online video, nonprofit marketers interested in testing the medium for fundraising, lead generation or activist recruitment (which should include all nonprofit marketers) should read the entire report. The figures are from early 2006 … and online video has only gotten more popular since.


  • 69% of internet users have watched online video (one in four at least once a week … news leads the way in frequent viewing)
  • Of these, 40% have clicked on a related link associated with the video or visited a website mentioned in the video
  • And 38% are viral marketers, “frequently” or “occasionally” letting others know about online videos they've watched
  • 66% of internet users have watched online video ads
  • Of these, 44% have taken some action after viewing a video ad, such as:
    • Checking out a website (31%)
    • Going to a store to check out product (14%)
    • Requesting more info (14%)
    • Making a purchase (8%)

Lots of useful info in this study if you're in the process of educating yourself or your boss about the possibilities for online video.

Roger & Tom

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