This time, the Human Rights Campaign and Donordigital deserve the raise.

The Human Rights Campaign just received “Most innovative viral list growth campaign” at GetActive's Third Annual User Conference, GetTogether 2006, for its Boot the Bigot online game and petition. This promotion was designed to raise awareness around the mid-term elections and turn out pro-equality voters. HRC worked with GetActive and its partner Donordigital.

In June, HRC launched the short Flash game, which lets people “boot” Congressman Rick Santorum out of office by clicking on his head as the icon pops out of a virtual U.S. Capitol. The game then re-directs people to a landing page that urges website visitors to pledge to vote for equality-minded candidates in November.

The two-step campaign (explained here) enabled HRC to add new names to its online activist list, and the results were striking: higher open rates than typical (28 percent), 52 percent clicks per opened email, 2,656 new pledges to vote, and 285 new members.

We think there are other cool — and more importantly, effective — viral campaigns running out there. The world wants to know about them. If you have one … start by telling The Agitator! Maybe you deserve a raise!

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