For months, we’ve been urging readers to track the online fundraising exploits of presidential candidates, where new ground has been broken almost weekly … especially by Barack Obama.

The Obama campaign is to online fundraising what George McGovern was to direct mail fundraising in 1972 … the trailblazer. Though the Obama folks might not like the comparison, given the electoral fate of George, running against what’s his name.

Here’s the latest example of why the Obama campaign has done so well at online fundraising. It features a video briefing by campaign manager David Plouffe, backed by slides, explaining how the campaign expects to contest the election in all states … a strategy made possible — he emphasizes over and over — only because of the terrific grassroots donating and organizing achievement so far by the supporters watching the video … who now need to do just a bit more.

It’s a terrific execution of historically proven fundraising technique in a new medium.

Check it out. Can you imagine your CEO delivering such an appeal? Why not?


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