Apart from direct mail list rentals, most of your new donor leads these days are probably generated by your website.

So you want to keep it in tip-top shape, right?

Writing on Marketing Profs, Andy Crestodina tells us what not to do in a cheeky and useful article titled, Destroy Your Website in 13 Easy Steps.

Here’s what not to do …

1. It’s all about you. “Your website should focus on you … The more self-centered, the better.”

2. Buy an email list.

3. Never mind mobile. “This mobile thing might be just a fad.”

4. Add keywords and jargon.

5. Add more stuff to your homepage. “There’s always room for …”

6. Don’t use an editor.

7. Save money on hosting. “The cheaper the better. Don’t fall for upsells like support and backups.”

8. Give Google the finger. “Ignore SEO basics.”

9. Install lots of plugins.

10. Let interns run your social media.

11. Don’t test your lead generation form. “It takes less than a minute to test it, but you’re busy. Do it later.”

12. Lose track of your domain registration.

13. Kill it before it’s born. “During the design process, make sure to form several committees to help.”

Andy explains each of these cautions a bit more fully, with some helpful links, in the full article. Worth a quick read.


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