Attention nonprofit fundraisers: LunaMetrics gets it!

Lunametrics focuses on improving clients' online conversion efforts.

I just subscribed to their e-newsletter, and here's the confirmation message I received … from their CEO, not some anonymous or “admin” address. Did the CEO personally send it? Maybe, maybe not … but the takeaway is still that the top dog stands behind her product.

Here's the full message:

To: Roger Craver

From: Robbin Steif, CEO

Subject: LunaMetrics confirmation (please read)

Confirmation email and digital gift

Hi Roger,

As you requested, I signed you up for my company's Luna Monthly, Increasing Online Conversions. I think it's great that you care about conversion rates: so many companies are still overly-focused on traffic.

I hate to make you wait around for the next edition. So maybe you want to start by reading this whitepaper we recently wrote on increasing your conversion rate through segmentation:

Download here to start learning about conversion rates immediately

You know, there's a reason that I make a big deal about your subscription, and get you started learning about conversion right away. Studies show that this email —
the one that says, “Thanks for joining our mailing list” — is more highly read than any other email LunaMetrics will ever send to you again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Don't worry – we won't sell, rent, or give your name or address to anyone. (Why would we? Your information is much too valuable for us to share it with anyone.)

If you ever decide that you don't want to hear from us, just click on the link at the bottom of any email and you can unsubscribe, or change your preferences. If that's too impersonal, send email to me personally ( and I'll handle it for you.


Robbin Steif, CEO

The tone of this message is just right. It has personality. I'm already impressed with their savvy. And I get to look at back issues of the e-newsletter immediately, when my interest is at its peak.

Well done, Robbin Steif … I'll bet you know something about improving online conversion rates. You deserve a raise!


P.S. Take a look at their guarantee!

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