Sorry, but I'm probably going to badger you monthly from here on out with the latest stats on online video watching.

As I've written before, I think it is crucial for nonprofits to master this medium for conducting your fundraising, advocacy and educational efforts.

According to comScore (all stats for US internet users, July 2007):

  • Over 133 million Americans watched online video in July — or 74% of US internet users.
  • They watched more than 9 billion videos, 27% of them on Google sites (which includes YouTube).
  • More than one-in-three (37%) US internet users viewed video on YouTube.
  • Online viewers watched an average of more than 3 hours of online video during the month, with an average video duration of 2.7 minutes.
  • The average viewer consumed 68 videos, or more than two per day.

Every nonprofit can get in this game, not just the biggies. Do you have a videographer on your staff? I'll bet you do … it's just not their day job! Tap their creativity.

The Agitator would love to see what you're doing … especially the low-budget stuff.


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