Always "must read" for me are the reports from the Pew Internet Project on internet habits by generation.

Here’s the latest, from which I’ve extracted a few factoids.

Internet use by older generations:

  • Age 55-59 – 71%
  • Age 60-64 – 62%
  • Age 65-69 – 56%
  • Age 70-75 – 45%
  • Over 75 – 27%

I focus on the old folks ’cause this is where the donors are.

A good indicator of how many in this universe might be online donor prospects is the percentage who have purchased something online.

Of internet users, these percentages have shopped online:

  • Gen Xers lead the way at 80%
  • Older Boomers (age 55-63) – 72%
  • Younger Boomers (age 45-54) – 68%
  • Age 64-72 comes in at 56%
  • Age 73+ is 47%

Pew observes that through age 32 online users are focused on entertainment and communications (especially via IM and social nets). Beyond that age, online interest shifts to research and email communication.

Worth a read.


P.S. Pew’s research on online habits is pretty good. But so is our DonorTrends research that focuses on donors and their online giving habits. Check out our online giving white papers, available only to Premium service subscribers.


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