Sean Carton of web strategy and design firm idfive offers some useful insights on viral marketing.

We'd all like to come up with the irresistably clever online video, gimmick or other message that rolls up a million views in a month for our cause at virtually no cost. But it's not so easy … and as Sean's examples well-illustrate, there's plenty of opportunity to shoot oneself in the foot.

His rules:

1. Don't try to be hip.

2. Intruding into other people's comfort zones will backfire.

3. You can't fake authenticity.

4. Know your audience.

5. Love your customers.

Check out Sean's piece, which has plenty of links to illustrate his points. Then go ahead, take the plunge. The Agitator admires risk-takers.

If you've produced a viral marketing winner, let us know so we can share it (and if you're particularly courageous and have a loser you'd like us to learn from, we'll be even more in your debt).

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