Q: What's the best day(s) for sending email messages to assure the best open and click-thru rates?

A: Friday and Sunday are running neck and neck.

Q: What type of lists generate higher response?

A: Smaller lists work better than larger lists. In fact the larger the list the more
difficult it is to improve response.

Questions like those above and the answers to them are contained in ExactTarget's 2005 Response Rate Study of Email Marketing. This is the follow-up to Morgan Stewart's 2004 groundbreaking study of which day of the week was the best day to send emails.

Stewart's most recent study includes data from more than 4,000 organizations, 230,000 email campaigns and 2.7 billion email messages.

Here's a summary of the results at a glance:

  • Open rates are declining, while click-through rates remain stable.
  • Average “Unsubcribe” rates aapear to be stabilizing at 0.25 percent.
  • There is evidence of list fatigue for organizations that have been sending emaili for more than a year. This is being countered through re-engagement and list cleansing strategies.
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