Just when you thought you had figured out how to create emails that look decent and get read, along comes partypooper MarketingSherpa!

They say:

“64% of key decisionmakers are viewing your carefully crafted email on their Blackberrys and other mobile devices … And, chances are, your email looks downright awful.”

Not surprisingly, their data indicate that mobile email users skew young and wealthy.

The good news is that MarketingSherpa has prepared this report, which is chock full of tips on how to optimize your email for mobile devices.

Step #1 … find a Blackberry and see for yourself what your emails look like!

The bad news … the report is available only till August 1 for non-subscribers to MarketingSherpa. Read it quick!

Some tips:

  • Get your compelling call to action in the first 15-25 characters of your subject line.
  • Mobile readers scan (versus read), so the first screen — 100 total characters or 20-25 words — really needs to sing.
  • Because a message opened on mobile will probably appear opened (and no longer bolded) on your readers' “home” computer, try to get them to flag your message for later attention.

Thanks to Ellen Church of Craver, Mathews, Smith for flagging The Agitator on this valuable report.

We urge our readers to check MarketingSherpa regularly for their empirically grounded marketing tactics and insights. They're worth a subscription.


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