Traditional media has always been used to support the National Philanthropic Trust's Breast Cancer 3-Day, a 60-mile-walk fundraiser.

Typically, TV, radio, billboards and newspapers would be used to build awareness, and direct mail would then “close the sale” in terms of signing-up participants. But mail was beginning to fall off in effectiveness.

So the Trust built an email prospect list and introduced a four-contact email series into the marketing mix. A test scheme was set up to enable accurate assessment of ROI from mail versus email solicitation.

The result: Nearly three times as many consumers who received the email series became walkers or donors than those who received the two postal mail pieces. Overall, even with an increase in overall campaign spending over the previous year, their ROI increased 30%.

Clickthrough rates averaged around 18% and open rates about 6.5%.

A very nice example of smart multi-channel integrated marketing … with careful testing to learn from.

If you get to this email by August 22, the campaign is described in greater detail on Marketing Sherpa here. [Otherwise you need to be a Marketing Sherpa subscriber.]

Roger & Tom

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