Hey nonprofit that I’ve supported in the past …

Do you really want to alienate me?

Then send me one more year-end email appeal! One more … I dare you!

Nothing turns me off about fundraising more than the year-end online hustle that makes most diet marketing look measured and sophisticated.

Daily, then hourly appeals … “Only hours left!”

Matching gift offers that escalate … $1:$1, then $2:$1, then $3:$1. Gee, how long should I hold out for $10:$1?

Only $6,397 away from our goal for the year! Who cares?

Weird begging by fundraising staff … like deep down I really want to give to your cause because your online fundraising director “is really counting on me”! Be still my heart! Really counting on me for what? To be an absolute dimwit desperate to shed unwanted dollars in the last minutes of 2012 to pay her salary?

I know all you offenders will have data indicating that even that very last annoying e-appeal generated some funds. And since you regard that appeal as having virtually no cost, golly, there’s a positive ROI.

But you know what, as an occasional donor, I still think these barrages suck.

And if many of your donors feel the way I do, believe me, there’s a cost that outweighs the value of those last few dollars.

Why must you online pimps make my new year begin on such a grumpy note?


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