Facebook is rapidly becoming the social networking site of choice for middle-aged, well-off, professionals.

If your nonprofit doesn't yet have a Facebook face, maybe you should be thinking about it. Facebook is adding 150,000 new users a day. Here are two articles to stir your pot.

A recent Business Week article titled “Fogeys Flock to Facebook” talks about the site's demographics. Given Facebook's original focus on college students and alumni, it has always attracted an older and more educated demographic than other leading social net sites.

The Fogeys piece reports that the 35+ crowd now accounts for more than 41% of all Facebook visitors (this translated into 11.5 million visitors in June, more than double over the previous June). And more than 48% of Facebook visitors in June came from households with incomes over $75,000.

Sounds like a decent audience to reach!

How? Here, courtesy of TechSoup is a “Beginner's Guide” to using Facebook for promoting your cause or charity.

Get Facebookin!


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