Network for Good is developing a cool fundraising tool for the volunteer fundraiser. Called “Charity Badges,” the idea is to give any individual an easy way to promote the charities of their choice on their personal blogs, AIM page, websites and, soon, web pages on social networking sites like MySpace.

You can build a badge for your nonprofit and give it to your supporters to use on their pages, or let them create their own. Supporters use their own text, photos, even video to deliver their message. Badges track and display donations in real time, so people can see the difference they are making.

From Network for Good:

What is a Charity Badge? A Charity Badge allows you to raise awareness and money for any cause you care about with a badge on your blog, social networking site or web page. You can personalize the badge with a photo, video and/or text and then pick up to five charities you want to support.

How do I create a Charity Badge? Creating a Charity Badge takes no more than 5 minutes and has just a few easy steps: 1. Upload a photo or video to your badge 2. Write a sentence about your cause 3. Select your charity(ies) 4. Place your Badge wherever you want online and the badge tracks donations in real time.

At this point, a relatively small number of donors are likely to have personal pages, but NFG is working on an e-mail application too. Presently, your supporters can create a link (which doesn't display as a badge) for their e-mails that will track donations made by their e-mail recipients.

The tool is still in beta, so check here for a FAQ on exactly how and where the badges work today, or to view sample badges.

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