Attention all you fundraisers out there!

We’re looking for some savvy folks who have "solved" any of the key challenges — or should we say opportunities — we see presently out there in the nonprofit fundraising world.

Here are the challenges:

1. You have improved you first year renewal rate in the last twelve months over the previous twelve.

2. You have acquired brand new donors online through a replicable program for a true cost per acquisition less than your direct mail cost.

3. You have tested alternative "donate" pages on your website, found actionable improvements to make, and produced higher conversion rates as a result.

4.You have used social media (Facebook, MySpace, personal website badges, etc) to generate more than miniscule response of some kind (this implies you were actually looking for a measurable response of some kind, as opposed to just being cool).

5. In the last year, you have beaten your previous new donor prospecting mail package by a sufficient margin to switch to the new package.

6. You have improved your bequest fundraising results by more than 20% in the last twelve months over the previous twelve (remember that gazillion dollar inter-generational wealth transfer happening under your very nose?!).

If you or your team have conquered any of these challenges in the last year, we want to give you a raise! Three of them and you enter The Agitator Hall of Fame!

Roger & Tom

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