Direct marketing guru Denny Hatch offers his analysis of the Obama online fundraising phenom. As usual, an entertaining and insightful read. And you get his critique of Clinton’s "ringing phone" TV ad as a bonus.

His key point … the cacophany of email messages he has received from the Obama campaign indeed work because they share one over-riding attribute … they bring you inside the campaign.

As Denny puts it: "The smell of stale coffee and pizza dinners along with crazed deadlines and late, late nights practically leaps from your computer."

It doesn’t matter whether you’re raising money online or in the mail or on the phone, if your communications can really deliver that same sense of bringing the donor or prospect inside your organization’s programmatic work or advocacy, you’re on the way to a successful appeal. 


P.S. Denny claims he hasn’t made his presidential choice yet.

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