As Network for Good sees it — and we agree …

“Before you send your next appeal, before you drive donors to your website and before you launch your year-end plans, you absolutely must set aside time to put yourself in your donor’s shoes to guarantee that your fundraising strategy will inspire them to give more.  October 24th is that day.

On October 24th, nonprofits should call their own phone numbers, try to make donations on their own sites and confirm what type of receipts and thank-yous they receive.”

As the peak online giving season draws upon us (one-third of online giving occurs in December alone), NfG’s message is that all nonprofits should be user-testing their online giving experience and working out the bugs.

To help you out, NfG is promoting ‘Be Your Donor’ Day on October 24th, offering a checklist to walk you through the donor experience, year-end fundraising guides, and online fundraising tools. Check out the goodies at NfG’s Be Your Donor Day site — for example, Five Things You Should Never Say to an Online Donor.

Go ahead, be brave … Be Your Donor tomorrow. It’s not a bad habit of mind for fundraisers to be in … anytime.

Roger & Tom


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