The Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet is serving up a conference on social networks (MySpace, YouTube et al), user-generated web content and the political & advocacy implications of all this. This is a hugely important communications and citizen engagement playing field for progressive non-profits to master.

Go! Attend! September 15 in Washington. And if you can't attend, be sure to get the book!

Here are some of the questions to be addressed:

  • How online social networks will affect your bottom line from fundraising goals, to messaging, to votes.
  • Whether or not you can reach more than teenagers on MySpace.
  • Steps to recruit thought leaders on social networking sites.
  • If you should incorporate offline outreach into your online social networking programs.
  • How a small, over-worked organization can enlist supporters to share some of the work.
  • Why your organization should join forces with a network of similar groups.
  • How your political movement can develop its own social networking site.
  • Ways to turn profile buddies into precinct leaders.
  • How you can create an echo chamber online.

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